6 Hidden Treasures in the Okanagan

1) Brunch – Curious Cafe

Looking for a mellow brunch spot? The Curious Café has you covered! With the combination of decadent espresso and a delightful European-inspired menu, your morning will be off to a great start in no time! For those who like to get their morning off at a later start, The Curious has brunch available every day until 3pm. Perfecto! With house-made English muffins and forno roasted bread used for the breakfast sandwiches, the team at The Curious Café doesn’t skimp on quality. Add their fresh offerings including tomato jam, basil pesto, feta cream, and brown butter hollandaise, and you’ve got yourself set up for an amazing day in the Okanagan!

2) Hike – Paul’s Tomb

Paul’s Tomb is a must for weekend explorers. The hike in to this hidden treasure of a beach is well worth it! Rembler Paul was an eccentric man, and being one of Kelowna’s pioneers, he decided to build a large tomb for his family in the early 1900s. There are two ways to views this sacred spot.

Your first option is to hike 2km from the bottom of Knox Mountain. Locate the carpark at the first lookout on Knox Mountain, and begin hiking from there to Paul’s Tomb.

For those who want a shortcut, there is also a 1km trail. For this second option, continue driving left past the Knox Mountain parking lot, along Poplar Point Drive until you cannot drive any further. As you get to the end of the road, look for the white gate. Park your car and cross over the white gate to begin the 1km hike (around 20 minutes) and you’ll reach the glittering gem that is Paul’s Tomb.

You can easily spend a day lounging on the beach, cooling off in the secluded swimming hole, having a leisurely picnic as you soak in as much sunshine as you can handle! Paul’s Tomb is a magical spot on Okanagan Lake, so there is a good chance the trails will be busy, but not crowded. Many locals enjoy walking their dogs here, and this is a favorite spot for kayakers as well.

3) Lunch – YLW Food Truck

If you find yourself hungry for fresh tacos or huge burritos, YLW Food Truck is the place to be! Dez and his team put a lot of love into their fresh iced coffees, handmade gluten-free tacos, and humungous burritos. The YLW Food Truck is easy to spot, as it is bright yellow, and parked along 2330 Highway 97N, beside ONE Boardshop Kelowna. On weekdays from 11:00am – 4:00pm, the YLW Food Truck is up and running, so stop by and enjoy chowing down while sitting at one of their outdoor picnic tables. After all, tacos and sunshine are a pretty perfect together!

4) Bread – Okanagan Grocery

Perhaps you’re going to a friend’s dinner tonight and are on the hunt to bring a local food item with a big wow factor. Say hello to Okanagan Grocery! This hidden gem is tucked away in Guisachan Village Centre, and there is no doubt baker Monika Walker is a master in the art of baking.

Looking for something that will pair well with steak? Look no further than the Black Pepper and Asiago Cheese bread. Paired this bread with steak and red wine, and your dinner host will be thanking you for years to come!

Other offerings from Okanagan Grocery include buttery croissants (with and without chocolate), alpine loaves, brioche, rosemary focaccia, and oh-so-perfect baguettes, along with many other artisan offerings. If you’re looking for amazing food gifts or want to buy from the best bakery in Kelowna, Okangan Grocery is your one stop shop for bakery deliciousness!

5) Wine – Greata Ranch

Want to go to a winery outside Kelowna, while enjoying a beautiful and scenic drive along Okanagan Lake? Greata Ranch Vineyard is a hidden gem just 9km south of Peachland. Enjoy immersing yourself in the lake views as you partake in tastings at the wine shop. If you wish to linger longer, Greata Ranch offers ‘picnic style’ fare along with wine you can enjoy from the patio. As you take in the sweeping, majestic views, the wine and beauty of Greata Ranch will stay in your memory forever.

6) Dine – Waterfront Wines

Chef and Sommelier Mark Filatow is a shining star within Kelowna’s food scene. His Waterfront Wines restaurant has a classic yet modern vibe, and the menu is filled with high-quality fare. The menu is continually evolving, and reflects abundant yet unique seasonal offerings found within the Okanagan Valley. Waterfront Wines is known for class, quality, and accommodation: if you are gluten-free, you can have almost anything on the menu! Seasonal Okanagan flavours, hand-made care, and international influences make this restaurant a popular spot – and for good reason! Enjoy.